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Harmonic World provides formal and non-formal multicultural educational programs covering a variety of topics. These topics are based on the academic discipline known as human ecology. Human ecology deals with the relationship between humans, human societies, and their natural, social and created environments.

Harmonic World offers workshops, tools, trainings and knowledge designed to help individuals become healthier, feel happier and to improve their interactions and relations (with themselves and others). We deliver these materials with the best intentions and to encourage people (as individuals) to engage, initiate or facilitate actions that would benefit their surroundings.

Our approach is simple, relevant, valuable, practical and replicable. The topics that we are involved with are related to self and community development, such as: nutrition, yoga, Neuro-linguistic programming, first aid lessons, farming experience, concentration & relaxation techniques and other tools that help participants to understand the bond with our planet and how we relate (or can relate) to nature and others.

We are part of a planet that belongs to a galaxy and the latter belongs to a broader set of galaxies that we call universe. Natural law is a set of laws that rule our universe and everything within it. Even if this natural law is still not fully understood by the human race, the rules within this law apply to our sun, water, rocks, plants, animals and us.

Everything is connected in a harmonious way by this law. This natural law is always in motion, always in balance. There is no waste as every species have a role to play and everything is linked in a perfect balance.

Today’s main issue is that, generally, human interaction is not respecting this natural order; not even the Gregorian calendar is close to the rhythms of the planet. Our ancestors understood these rhythms very well and they synchronized all their important dates to the cycles of the moon. Only few very ancient traditions still follow the cycles of the moon like the Wesak, Ramadan, the Jewish calendar, and others.

Moreover, nothing can be more damaging to our planet than the way we manage and measure energy. Energy is defined by the Greeks as a living force that makes other systems work. One important real application from energy is how many hours of Sun a particular place gets. By knowing this, and effectively manage it, we can produce life in form of food and we can effectively, and properly, manage other life species. Unfortunately, “Western” culture does not respect the Sun anymore; we are defying natural law using reserves of energy from our planet by using hydrocarbons to produce food or to set in motion most of the engines in our culture. It is amazing how our society is completely dependent on non-renewable planetary resources.

Our culture uses money as a way to exchange services and products; however, money as it exists at the moment is the result of some fictional modeled equations based on instruments of credit (debt) and its value is dependent on arbitrary values that has perpetuated and widened the gap between rich and poor, instead of serving as a human benefactor.

If the management of our time and resources are not following the natural order, is it very difficult to understand why we have so many problems around?

We have pushed our minds to create technology that makes everything faster, for instance, we can speak with someone living in the opposite side of the world but still we feel lonelier than ever. Transactions are made in milliseconds and still we do not have time to be among those we love and care. For our current lifestyle, to have spare time and rest, or even love, is a luxury.

What are we doing wrong? How did we stop listening to nature’s voice? How did we stop seeing the miracles that life gives us every single day?

We know that a single action will not be enough since our society has so many problems, and we are not aware of some, or most, of them. Nevertheless, the best place to start solving those issues is within us, in our consciousness. We must become aware of what we eat, think, say, use and do. We should re-educate ourselves to remember that we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us. Even though most of us are unaware of this bond, it is unbreakable, eternal.

The best part of being aware of our universal bond is that we hold the keys to make this planet a better place for everyone. If every person living on this planet would do her/his part to be happier, healthier, wiser and harmonized with the environment then big, positive, changes will come automatically. We do not need to change others or to force anyone or anything to grow or learn what we feel is righteous. Self-development is something that we can achieve without money, without imposed rules, without gurus or expensive books and courses. Some more knowledgeable people can contribute with their wisdom and experience to help others improve themselves but at the end; the individual is the only one responsible to change him/herself as the fight against our fears and ego is personal and non transferable.

Our contribution to the world is to share knowledge that is simple, relevant, valuable, practical and replicable. Knowledge that once you teach it will stay with you all the time.

We believe that a unified world begins with the individual; therefore, we offer a variety of personal development programs aimed at helping participants develop a harmonious relationship with themselves (body, mind and spirit) as well as with other individuals, society and the natural environment.

We embrace the concept of thinking globally and acting locally, so we provide tools that empower individuals to develop sustainable solutions to issues in their communities, particularly those issues that are relevant to communities all over the world and/or which have a global impact.

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