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Our mission
Harmonic World promotes cross-cultural understanding and unity from a holistic perspective by offering intercultural personal development programs that focus on each individual's relationship to himself, to others, to society and to the environment.

Our Vision
Our vision is to build a healthy, unified global society in which individual members are at peace with themselves, with others and with their environment.

Our Projects
Harmonic World provides formal and non-formal multicultural educational programs covering a variety of topics. We approach all topics from the perspective of the academic discipline known as human ecology. Human ecology deals with the relationship between humans, human societies, and their natural, social and created environments. For further reading on human ecology, please see our “resources” page.

We believe that a unified world begins with the individual; therefore, we offer a variety of personal development programs aimed at helping participants develop a harmonious relationship with themselves (body, mind and spirit) as well as with other individuals, society and the natural environment.

We embrace the concept of thinking globally and acting locally, so we provide tools that empower individuals to develop sustainable solutions to issues in their communities, particularly those issues that are relevant to communities all over the world and/or which have a global impact.

Address: Vladimirova 6
140 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic
Telephone 1: +420 222 540 394
Telephone 2: +420 774 553 525
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